Water Quality


Aquarium Lab  v.2016.1

Properly monitoring and maintain aquarium conditions can lead to a truly beautiful and healthy aquarium. Aquarium Lab makes it easy to track and graph water quality conditions for 21 different parameters, and publish html reports on your web site.

WatPro  v.2.0

WatPro is the premier water treatment simulator for predicting water quality based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition (e.g. alum, ferric chloride, NaOH, lime).


EPA SWMM  v.5.0

SWMM was first developed in 1971, and has since undergone several major upgrades since then.

CCHE2D Beta  v.3 28

CCHE2D is an integrated package for two-dimensional simulation and analysis of river flows, non-uniform sediment transport, morphologic processes, coastal processes, pollutant transport and water quality.

WWHM3  v.3.0

The Western Washington Hydrology Model (WWHM) has been created to size stormwater detention and water quality facilities so that they meet the Washington State Department of Ecology standards.

DFLOW  v.3 1

DFLOW is a Windows-based tool developed to estimate user selected design stream flows for low flow analysis and water quality standards.

MODSIM Beta  v.1.0

MODSIM Beta is a software tool designed for highly complex and constantly evolving river basin management environment. MODSIM Beta helps analyze and predict water presure in river basins, managing information.

Pipes++  v.1.0.001

The PIPES++ program is an extended version of the PIPES program and is intended for analysis of larger town water supply systems where the user is interested in monitoring reservoir levels, pump operating times, etc., over an extended time period (e.

WATSYS  v.9 12

With WATSYS you can simulate the real time behaviour of large water supply distribution networks. This general purpose tool simulates most water supply distribution networks likely to be met in practice.

Wadiso  v.5.06.0310

Wadiso is a comprehensive computer program for the analysis and optimal design of water distribution networks. The program originated from the WADISO public domain model developed by Prof.

FishLAB  v.b

FishLAB is an easy-to-use program for tracking aquarium water chemistry.

Vista Data Vision  v.1 15

VDV offer all data handling for field measurement projects of any size. VDV supports Real-Time data handling as well as visualization of trend lines and a great number of various of reports. VDV is all you need to run Data Monitoring service.

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